Snooker World Championship 2011

So, the world championship of Snooker is coming up this weekend. Guess I won’t be going out this weekend then. Nor the next week. Ok, more like won’t be leaving the house for 17 days.

Wonder who’ll win. Seems I’m bad at predicting this kind of stuff. I predicted Ding to win the China Open (hoped the crowd would support him to victory, but oh well) and that didn’t work out. On the other side, how many had guessed Judd Trump would win it.

Anyway I hope that Mark Williams does well this year. John Higgings will probably do well as usual. Mark Selby seems to be a strong matchplayer nowadays, but I wonder if he’ll wear himself out. Or his opponents for that matter. Anyway I think he will do well. Oh and of course, the one and only, Stephen Hendry deserves a mention here. I hope (I say this everytime but here goes) he’ll make some upsets, maybe even go all the way – who knows. Unfortunately it’s more hope than chance I’m afraid. Nevertheless great to see him back at the Crucible. That’s where champions belong. Listen to me speaking of champions, feels like it’s a fantasy game or something. But it’s not. It’s about knocking balls in pockets. Not slaying dragons. So yeah.

Oh and what about Ronnie O’Sullivan, the favorite subject of the snooker worlds tabloids. Seems he’s having a rough time at the moment. Understandably his mental health is not rock solid, he’s got the weight of an infinite number of snooker fans and players on his shoulders. The pressure he must feel must be undescribable. It’s a shame really. He conjures some magnificent snooker when he’s in form. And now we’re facing the fact that he might retire. How absurd is that? Look at Steve Davis he’s still playing, don’t tell me Roonie is too old already? Certainly it’s too early. You would feel Ronnie deserves at least one more world title at least. Yet, it looks like far away from now. All I can say is that I hope we will see a miracle over the next weeks. I hope Ronnie will find his confidence and produce some fantastic snooker and cleanse all doubts against him. We just have to wait and see.

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