Stephen Hendry through to last 16

Whoo what a nervewrecking finish! Stephen Hendry just snatched the victory in the clash between Joe Perry. Scoreline ending 10-9! Joe Perry was among the balls and were looking like advancing, but missed the brown to the middle. Stephen did not hesitate and knocked in brown and blue to secure frame and match. I’m delighted! And judging by the response from the crowd I think many others are too.

In other news, Ronnie O’Sullivan is looking sharp (more than expected may I say?) leading Dominic Dale by 7-2 after the first session. He played some neat snooker today which of course is great news to anyone expect the players who face him. Not vintage Ronnie, but glimmers of it. He nailed some crazy shots and did some great clearances. He also had a good attempt at a 147 potting 12 reds and blacks, but missed a long tricky red to the corner. It’s good to see Ronnie somewhat in form again. Even better, it seemed like he was gaining more confidence as the match progressed. Hopefully this will keep up and maybe we will see a cracking match with Ronnie against Shaun Murphy.

Lastly I want to mention a funny incident yesterday in the match Jamie Cope against Andrew Pagett. I don’t remember exactly in which frame it happened, but Cope and Pagett had a really close frame and they both needed the black. Jamie managed to pot it, only to tie the game, forcing a blackball decider! Funny enough he also won the decider. Quite entertaining. Here we go about saying there’s never blackball deciders, but in this frame it felt like there were two of them.

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