Sixth day in Sheffield is over

Well, appearently Mark Allen did an amazing comeback yesterday coming back from 6-9 behind to win against Matthew Stephens. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see that match, but it was probably for the best seeing as I lost the large sum of 3.5$ betting on Matthew to win it.

In other news, Mark Selby blitzed Jimmy Robertson 10-1 today. I didn’t even get to see one frame of that series or Mark Selby’s form at the Crucible for that matter. Was watching Mark Williams play against Jamie Cope and just as I switched channels it was already over. Mark Williams has a commanding lead of 7-1 after the first session, so no surprises there yet.

John Higgins beat Stephen Lee today 10 frames to 5. Didn’t watch a lot of that match either, just a few frames here and there so can’t really comment to much on it. But from what I see John Higgins seems to be playing fairly well at the moment. I think Stephen Lee has played well this season and is in good form so beating him with that score shows that John is sharp.

Lastly, Judd Trump is leading 5-3 against Martin Gould after the first session. Martin struggled a bit in the start, but played some neat snooker later on. Judd is looking sharp, but one could tell he wasn’t happy about his game. He was shaking his head a few times and seemed to be a little bit frustrated. The question is if he’s questioning his performance or the fact that he’s not winning more frames seeing as he’s the favorite in that match. Anyway, as I’m not really a fan of neither of them I’ve betted 1$ on Gould with like 3.5 odds. So come on Martin!

Yes I’m a hardcore better.

Oh and looking forward to tommorows matches. I’ve placed the insane sum of 3$ on Allister Carter against Graeme Dott. With the odds being 1.90 I could perhaps even win some of the losses back. Crazytalk I know but it’s allowed to dream.. All though, I had a dilemma here because I have a policy of only betting for players I want to win, otherwise you get sorta conflicting feelings when watching the game and it just confuses everyone (me). And since I’m a fan of both players in that matchup, probably all hell will break loose now.

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