Allister Carter and Graeme Dott at 8 all

The second session of Allister Carter versus Graeme Dott finished today and the scoreline is 8 all. As we recall Graeme was in front 5-3 after the first session, only to see Ali make the same score in the second session, making the scoreline even again. In the first session I noticed Ali was struggling a bit with his game, but today he seemed like a totally different player. At 4-5 (I think) Ali got an easy starter with the balls nicely spread. He scored enough points to make it 5 all and from there on he seemed to have gained a bucket of confidence while Graeme found himself on the losing side of things, missing long pots from left to center. Ali won 4 frames in a row, taking the balls very well and making two centuries in in the proccess (112 and 115). Even the crowd got a bit carried away and Brendan Moore had to ask some gents cheering for Ali to quiet down. The evening finished with Graeme taking the last two frames and as it stands now it’s impossible to predict a winner. Of course, I’ll be slightly biased towards Ali as I’ve betted 3$ on him to win it!

Other than that I’ll sum up the rest of the happenings today very shortly. Mark Williams beat Jamie Cope 13-4 and is the first person in the quarter finals. Judd Trump is just two frames away from advancing the the last 8, he is leading 11-5 against Martin Gould. And interestingly enough, recall Barry Hawkings beating Stephen Maguire in a nervewrecking match (his first win at the Crucible ever), well now he’s leading the match against Mark Allen 5-3. Is this the year when Barry Hawkings breaks through to the ranks of the elite?

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