Harry James and his Orchestra feat. Frank Sinatra

Got it in the mail today, ordered from Amazon. A good ol’ piece of music from the early days of Frank’s career. In a way it’s very much reminicent of the classic recordings of Frank Sinatra with Tommy Dorsey: the early, smooth vocals of Francis, the big band sound of the late 30’s – early 40’s and of course the reappearing theme… you guessed it: love! If you like either of them, you’ll certainly find the other appealing in some way.

My highlights of the album is “All Or Nothing At All” and “Ciribiribin”. “All Or Nothing At All” having more of a grand and serious feel to it, but at the same time having a lovely swing feeling. “Ciribiribin” is in a way totally opposite from the last mentioned being uplifting and playful. In the last 50 seconds a great trumpet solo jumps in and wraps up the track in a nice fashion. Also “Here Comes The Night” is a lovely little tune.

Don’t really fancy that “On A Little Street In Singapore” track, though. Seems a bit repetitive and it seems to be missing something.

Unfortunately it’s a bit much whitenoise in the background, but it shouldn’t be that much of a bother once you get “used to it”.

1. From the Bottom of My Heart
2. Melancholy Mood
3. My Buddy
4. It’s Funny to Everyone But Me
5. Here Comes the Night
6. All or Nothing at All
7. On a Little Street in Singapore
8. Who Told You I Cared?
9. Ciribiribin (They’re So in Love)
10. Every Day of My Life
11. From the Bottom of My Heart [Alternate Take]
12. Melancholy Mood [Alternate Take]
13. It’s Funny to Everyone But Me [Alternate Take]
14. All or Nothing at All [Alternate Take]
15. Stardust
16. Wishing (Will Make It So)
17. If I Didn’t Care
18. The Lamp Is Low
19. My Love for You
20. Moon Love
21. This Is No Dream

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