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Frank Sinatra With Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra

Another album discovered using Spotify. And again some research was needed to find the actual album as every album on Spotify seems to be either impossible to look up or  nonexistant. Anyway. Immideately as I started listening to it I knew this … Read more

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Snooker World Championship 2011

So, the world championship of Snooker is coming up this weekend. Guess I won’t be going out this weekend then. Nor the next week. Ok, more like won’t be leaving the house for 17 days. Wonder who’ll win. Seems I’m … Read more

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Benny in Brussels

Well, I discovered a live concert album with benny goodman on Spotify the other day. The title said Benny Goodman In Concert. Helpful. Not. The real title is Benny in Brussels and the concert took place in 1958 in… Brussels. … Read more

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WordPress blog

So my wordpress blog is finally up after 30 long minutes. Hm. Guess I shouldn’t complain as creating my original site took probably XXX (replace X with big numbers) times longer than doing this. This is more like equivalent to … Read more

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