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Enjoyable moments in TF2

Airblasting crit rockets and killing a bunch of people. Airblasting rockets in general is pretty neat. Killing the engineer in a sentry nest and destroying all the buildings. Killingstreaks. All of them. Tauntkills. Rushing to the second point before the … Read more

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Gordon Ramsey’s kitchen nightmares

Normally I avoid these kind of TV shows, but this one is actually quite entertaining. Of course I take it at arms length, but hey this show got some gems – ya gotta take what ya get. And the expressions he comes up … Read more

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The saxxy awards proved..

.. Team fortress 2 players are the worst filmmakers in the world. I tried contributing by voting at some movies; 99% of them sucked horse testicles. They made the system like a “battle” between two entries and you had to … Read more

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Left Hand Path best Swedish death metal album?

Right now i feel so. The fat guitar sound is unbeatable! And the groove man.. The groove. Another one who comes to mind is At the Gates with The Red In the Sky Is Ours. Thats some mindbogglig ish, if … Read more

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Inspirational moment 1

In a bar the other day there was a guy playing pool with one hand – the other arm was a stump. Inspirational.

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That Album: Sepultura – Scizophrenia

Those crazy brazilians man! Perfect balance between the thrashing and the groove. Thrash doesn’t get much better than this. Arguably their followup “Beneath the Remains” is better, but still this is a gem. Best songs for me must be “R.I.P … Read more

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That Album: The Crown – Possessed 13

Great death/thrash. Awesome riffs and overall enjoyable. Somewhat cheesy metal lyrics, but yeah. Less humerous and more death than their previous slammer Deathrace King, but they still have speed metal tribute tracks like “Are You Morbid?” and the suitingly named … Read more

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What is it about metal..

.. That gives me so much more self-confidence and self-belief? I forget worries, a sense of acceptance seems to engulf me. Things don’t seem so bad afterall. How come it’s so easy to become depressed in life, but to get … Read more

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Amon amarth Oslo 13. May

Things started of melodically with Evocation. They were ok and I would probably “accept” them more if it not felt like a complete copy of swedish melodical death metal from the mid-ninties. Its hard to dig it when all your … Read more

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John Higgins is the new world champion

Another anti-climax for me, but all credit to John. It could and should have been a totally different match if only Judd had gotten better run with the balls in the third session. It’s incredible how John managed to take … Read more

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