John Higgins is the new world champion

Another anti-climax for me, but all credit to John. It could and should have been a totally different match if only Judd had gotten better run with the balls in the third session. It’s incredible how John managed to take the lead in the end of that session, Judd was in so many times – went into the pack – left with nothing. Unfortunately that’s how it goes sometimes, that’s snooker for ya. Even more sad is his run in the last session and John’s good run with the balls. To me it got to the point where it was getting silly. Anyway, not to take away anything from John here, he cleared the balls when he needed to and under the Crucible pressure; it’s an achievement in itself.

Another dissapointment for me after rooting for both Mark Williams and Ding Junhui in the semis, haha. Oh well, there’ll be a next year and then hopefully I’ll be in the Crucible watching and breathing the snooker world championship!

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