Amon amarth Oslo 13. May

Things started of melodically with Evocation. They were ok and I would probably “accept” them more if it not felt like a complete copy of swedish melodical death metal from the mid-ninties. Its hard to dig it when all your thinking is how predictable it is.

Next up was black daliah murder (forgive me if spelled wrong) which I did not care much for. Their music seemed entirely based on aggression and lacked any musical properties. Boring riffs and hideous growling.

This was actually the 2nd time I’ve seen Amon Amarth. I remember the 1st one being really awesome and in fact I probably enjoyed it more musically wise. Back then I knew all the material as they were fronting the album twilight of the thunder gods, but here they were playing lots of new songs from their new album which I don’t even know the name of. Luckily they played some old classics too: death in fire, twilight of the thunder gods, runes come to my memory and last but not least pursuit of the vikings! Thank Odin for that. People went nuts when they played that song and rightfully so!

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