What is it about metal..

.. That gives me so much more self-confidence and self-belief? I forget worries, a sense of acceptance seems to engulf me. Things don’t seem so bad afterall.

How come it’s so easy to become depressed in life, but to get back into it you need “help”; some people use drugs, others may go for a run, but for me listening to my favorite metal songs gives me that kick I need.

Listening to jazz doesn’t have the same effect, all though I love jazz. Strange in a way, but the reason is that metal is about lack of emotions. Let me elaborate before you tear me apart on this one, when I say “lack of emotions” don’t take it at face value. What I mean is that the music doesn’t really rely on emotions, its merely a sideeffect of the rythm, riffs, drumming, vocals etc that makes the complete metal product. Metal is about innerstrength and loosening yourself from emotions, sending you to a world filled with joy and neutrality. Parodoxally and arguably a state of mind with emotions, but this happiness that is felt is genuine, uncontrollable happiness for being free from the chains of emotions we humans endure all day, all night every day of our lives. Undoubtably hard to describe, but its a state of mind where the world is more clear and less clouded by insignificance and triviality.

Sounds like some strong sedatives I know, but it’s just metal – perhaps just as good.

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