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Jazz in market village

Saw a jazz band play Ellingtons “it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing” in market village in huahin yesterday. Pretty schweet. Update: turns out the band is called Hua Hin Ensamble. Just got the nerve to … Read more

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Covers of lady gaga songs

No. Just no.

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Finally got around listening to W.A.S.P. They’re a nice heavy metal band, personally they sort of feel like a mix between judas priest and motley crue to me. They got the seventies/eighties feel from judas priest and some straightforward riff … Read more

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I’ve got you under my skin – Frank Sinatra

Lovely song. One of my all-time favorites for sure, if not the favorite. it’s very strong to me, as there’s nothing worse than being mad about someone who doesn’t care about you. And I’ve had my share of sighs in … Read more

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QL at dreamhack 2011

So the dreamhack summer finals are today. Unfortunately im at the airport at the moment and will be flying (and waiting) for the entire day. Cypher and rapha are going at it, im confident cypher takes this – hes playing … Read more

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