QL at dreamhack 2011

So the dreamhack summer finals are today. Unfortunately im at the airport at the moment and will be flying (and waiting) for the entire day. Cypher and rapha are going at it, im confident cypher takes this – hes playing amazing now. Of course, you can never be 100% sure..

I love cyphers style, its so dynamic and solid. Ive always thought intelligence and the ability to adapt makes a player inspiring to watch – and probably superior to their opposition. I remember playing almost conciously with adaptiveness in mind while playing wc3 (blizzard rts game) and it was surprisingly self-rewarding. I mean, in theory a player who masters adaption will always have the upperhand against any opponent. It was very interesting to see this ability in a quake player where everything happens much faster and the player must make split-second decisions.

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