Aghanistan and patriotism

What I don’t understand is how native Aghanistanis (hopefully that’s how you write their nationality in plural!) can kill their own people with suicide bombs in such a huge scale.

In Norway this is unheard of (Anders Breivik was obviously a one-off incident); if they’re gonna hate on somebody it’s foreigners (sigh) – but still not their own people. We got a national collectivety that wouldn’t allow such things.

What I’m wondering is how the patriotism in Afghanistan is holding up? Surely it must exist, I mean, having some foreigners invade your own country should strengthen that feeling and not do the opposite? Unless they justify the bombing by eliminating traitors or something, but somehow that seems unlikely.

Doesn’t these suicide bombers have any empathic bind with their victims? I mean they could be killing friends, relatives, neighbours or acquaintances. How can they possibly justify killing their own people?

The answer is probably the good ol’ (dull) brainwashing and religion and stuff. It’s a fucked up world

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