Day at Siam shopping center

Just arrived at Siam shopping centre(s). Place is packed, even the sky train is packed. It’s a Friday at midday, doesn’t these people have jobs/school? Maybe it’s some kind of holiday today.

Went to grab a bite in the “Gourmet Market” – filled with McDonald’s, burger king, KFC and other fast food restaurants for some reason. I don’t know if we’re in the gourmet- or the dining hall part to be honest. The signs seem to have more playful/”personal” labels than actually helpful ones.

Honestly I dislike overcrowded places and this definitely fits the description. I think there’s at least a million people in here.

Oh and funny fact, they appear to have some sort of metal scanners in the doorways but they never successfully scan anything. I believe it’s just a fake scanner. This gives them many opportunities to for example bring out “suspicious” people for real scans or simply to justify they’re “hanging out at”/guarding the doorways.

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