Some of my custom RSS feeds (scraped)

I realize this is not the most clever thing to do, but here I’m posting some of the RSS feeds I’ve created using various scraping/fetching techniques.

Sometimes it’s annoying when interesting news sources does not have a RSS feed, especially when you’re using a similar setup like me on iGoogle. Also sometimes they do have a RSS feed, but the feed is not sorted correctly (the latest items are not first) so the items are being presented randomly at best in your feed.

This is the reason for the making of these RSS feeds.



  • I cannot guarantee that the feeds will be working at all times due to the nature of the fetching (of data) and modification (of data) techniques.
  • I realize scraping might be against some websites terms of use therefore if I’m pressured to remove the feed(s) I might be forced to oblige.
  • I’m scraping Worldsnooker‘s website for news and I’ve notified them of this already. I’ve not yet received a reply. The feed is limited to only scrape once every hour and is caching the latest version; therefore the scraping activity should be unnoticable (in terms of performance etc.). I’ve also added a required verification token which can be easily changed to disable/limit the feed. Lastly the feed itself does not contain full articles, but only the title, intro text and a link to the full article on their site; thus the content will stay on their website and the user would have to visit their site to read the full content.

I hope the feeds are helpful to somebody 🙂

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