Google phasing out iGoogle and screwing up

So iGoogle is being phased out (service stops at the 1st of November 2013) and of course with my luck I’m being quite “dependant” on it. It’s not an essential service but it’s mighty handy to keep me updated on all the things I care about and try to follow. It’s not just a list of articles but the way you can organize the gadgets/feeds and have a good overview is where the strength in iGoogle lies.

iGoogle (old version)

I can accept having to move on to a different service filling the gap after iGoogle but why did they have to screw up iGoogle before its death? Now they’re forcing me to use the new iGoogle look which doesn’t enable you to move gadgets between tabs. This is very annoying. iGoogle also does not work on iPhone anymore for some reason; all you get is the normal Google search page.

If that’s not enough, it’s impossible to contact Google about the bug/problem. They don’t have an official contact e-mail adress or contact form on their contact page and their forums/support pages are categorized by product, of which iGoogle of course is not included.

So that’s Google screwing up.

Update: I encourage you to check out if you care for iGoogle

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