I have a secret blog

I have a secret blog. There I write everything I dare not say on behalf of myself. It’s an outlet for my emotions and feelings, both dark and light.

Let me tell you this: I encourage everyone to have a way to express their inner thoughts whether it be through a blog, a journal or whatever. Its such a relief to get it out there. Desires, sins, anxiety, anger.. sky’s the limit.

Protecting your identity

Of course due to the nature of the posts you might want to take measures in staying anonymous.

Use Tor to maintain anonymity while browsing and posting.

Don’t quote me on this one and frankly don’t blame me if this causes you any grief but to really maintain your confidentiality you also need a secret identity.

Come up with a fake name and address, and create an e-mail in this name. Sign up for a free blog like WordPress.com and knock yourself out.

Please note if you browse to your secret blog without using Tor you may risk your confidentiality and plausible denialability.

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