Things that have never been said on the Internet

– I never have anything to complain about.
– That girl really could use some more clothes.
– YouTube comments always give good insight on the movie in subject and other related and unrelated topics.
– When I disagree with others on the Internet I don’t insult them in any way and agree to disagree so we can end the arguement on a good tone.
– I never have strong opinions and assumptions on topics I don’t know anything about.
– I prefer to work over mindlessly watching youtube movies, reading cartoons and looking at pictures of cats.
– I didn’t click on the YouTube movie because of the woman’s bossom, I was genuinely interested in what she had to say.
– I don’t care, plug my Internet.
– I admit it, you’re right.
– So many interesting ads today.
– These Viagra emails seems legit, I’m going to order from them.
– I’m not wasting my time on Facebook. Seriously. I really mean it. No joke.
Internet is cutting edge because I can learn all the worlds swear words without actually travelling to each respective country.
– I could not have managed this country alone, I’d need help from more people than my mate and my mum.
– My government is perfect.

Got any other good (or bad) ones?

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