Programming revitalization

Recently I posted an embarrasingly bad question at (no you can’t read it).

The thing is that I’ve been way out of my programming form of late and was not thinking straight, thus I had misconceptions about how good code looks like. I wasn’t thinking logically. Code is supposed to be intuitive, semantically easy-to-understand, elegant. I was trying to minimize, read the code like one would read a bullet list or something.

I could spend more adjectives describing how bad my code was but I’d rather get on with the point. Obviously my question got fairly bad response and it was closed fairly quickly as well. I felt a bit disheartened after that but perhaps it made me think twice about the quality of my code.

After reading a short article on how writing in Backbone had made him a better programmer my perception on programming was revitalized – I was enlightened – I totally understood what he meant in that article. I too have been a victim of the “jQuery syntax flu” just mass-producing selectors and callbacks in heaps of hay ending with a wonderfully ugly mess.

It’s time for me to wake up and write good code again.

Thank you author-who-doesn’t-know-I’m-thanking-him Andy Appleton.

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