My unsent letter to my biological parents I’ve not met since I was just a baby

I’ve not met my biological parents since I was less than a year old (I don’t remember much from that time). I don’t know anything about them or why they chose to leave me and my brother up for adoption.

Here’s what I’d write if I would send them a letter. Who knows maybe I will some day.

Dear biological parents,

My name is Kjetil Hårtveit. I’m ** years old and I live in ********.

I have a reasonably good life and I thank you for it. Please don’t regret making the decision. In the end I’m sure you had very valid reasons. I may not have been able to live with such a high standard and learn the things I’ve learnt, lived the life I’ve lived, if things were done differently.

I have a daughter on the way and I couldn’t be happier. I’m sure you’d want to see her when she’s born. I always say it’s a little me – and so a littler you. In other news I also have a job as a Web Developer and my own apartment.

At times I’ve had questions about what happened, how it happened and why. I’ve been upset, curious and not least scared, scared to know the truth. Will I ever get to know it?

I hope everything is good in your life and that you are happy. I always say that’s the most important thing.

Thinking about you.


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