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The Webdesigner (movie idea)

Last night I had an awesome idea about a parody movie called something like “The Webdesigner”. Unfortunately I can’t forsee me actually realising this idea so maybe someone else can turn this into a cool movie/trailer/sketch? Oh and I’d love … Read more

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Tanker om troendes reaksjoner på hånelser av deres religion eller Gud

En amatørisk utført film som håner Islam og profeten Muhammad, skaper demonstrasjoner, flere voldelige, rundt om i hele verden. Vi så liknende reaksjoner når danske Jyllands-Posten publiserte ett blasfemetisk bilde av profeten Muhammad. Det er flere poeng jeg syns er interessant … Read more

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How I implemented currency handling in Mustache across PHP and JavaScript

Originally this article was to be about how to implement currency formatting using the template language Mustache, but I see it also covers a bit on how to synchronize template variables between the server-side and client-side. Hopefully you’ll get something … Read more

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You can now edit Notes via iCloud

The title says it all really. Oh, happy days!

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Writing about learning how to code: there’s no one answer

It seems to have become a trend to blog about learning how to code (at least posts featured on Hacker News). People are different, some people like to read [about programming] and others get their hands dirty immediately. Do what … Read more

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The truth about acne

Forget everything you’ve read about not eating certain food types (all though I’m unfortunately convinced alcohol does cause me to outbreak more, but at least following this routine I’ve been able to control it), showering after working out and hitting … Read more

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Konsekvensen av å drepe ett dyr

Så tidligere idag en slags hybrid dokumentar om naturlivet og landskapet på Island. Det fulgte livet til et par revefamilier og endel fuglearter –  som regel arter tatt fra revens meny. Det var også fokus på ungene til de fulgte … Read more

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What Mozilla does right with Mozilla Home and Google did wrong with iGoogle

When Google announced they were shutting down iGoogle I reacted on how they were screwing up the experience for the remaining users despite having a long closing time (1st of November 2013). Long story short they’ve accumulated massive opposition from … Read more

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Replay search on GosuGamers doesn’t work properly? No problem

Sometimes programming skills become really handy. For example like just now when I tried searching for Warcraft 3 replays including a specific player on GosuGamers. The problem is that it revealed no matches, which is kinda weird because I already … Read more

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