What Mozilla does right with Mozilla Home and Google did wrong with iGoogle

When Google announced they were shutting down iGoogle I reacted on how they were screwing up the experience for the remaining users despite having a long closing time (1st of November 2013). Long story short they’ve accumulated massive opposition from loyal iGoogle users of whom many have threaten to abandon Google all together. This could have all been avoided by following the same mindset as Mozilla and caring for their customers (for crying out loud).

Mozilla announced barely three days ago that they would stop maintaining Firefox Home to focus on different projects, which is perfectly reasonable. Here’s where they did right, where Google did wrong; instead of sacking crucial functionality like the mobile version of iGoogle (a long time before the service ultimately gets shut down) and being general d***s, Mozilla posted the source code on GitHub free of Mozilla trademarks and ready for independent development.

Yes, that means loyal Firefox Home users will most likely be able to use the service indefinitely despite Mozilla bailing on it.

That’s how you do it right.

Oh and talking about iGoogle replacements, I’ve started using NetVibes and it works for me despite some shortcomings.

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