The truth about acne

Forget everything you’ve read about not eating certain food types (all though I’m unfortunately convinced alcohol does cause me to outbreak more, but at least following this routine I’ve been able to control it), showering after working out and hitting yourself in your face with your fist covered in rubbing oil.

Acne is spawned by the workings of bacteria and the only effective way to beat acne is to beat the bacteria. You have to have patience, determination and will – never lose sight of your goal to kill the bacteria.

When I first started using Basiron which contains the bacteria fighting substance Benozyl Peroxide my acne seemed to turn into whiteheads (my vague theory is that the pores are already clogged and infected and when the cream is applied the pores become fully filled and surfaces due to the dead bacteria + cream, or something). Shortly after I dismissed the treatment and looked for other ways to get rid of the acne.

Here’s the deal: there are no other ways to treat acne than killing the bacteria. No matter how much you scrub, cleanse and clean they won’t go because that doesn’t kill them.

Here’s what you do: continue the treatment using Basiron or any other bacteria fighting methods (I’m personally using Brevoxyl which was fairly tough on my sensitive skin, but I’ve built a resiliance after 3-4 weeks). Sounds tough? Start off small, you don’t have to go all in from day one, just keep working on your goal (killing them bacteria, remember?). Your skin will probably go dry during the treatments as they work as peeling agents, removing the most outer layer of your skin to make way for a fresher layer (I apologize for the terrible, unscientific explanation). This will look fairly akward, that’s why some smart people invented the moisturizing cream/gel. Buy one, oh and stay out of the sun.

During the treatment keep using higher doses when you feel ready and most importantly don’t give up.

Kill those bacteria.

Note that I’m still treating my own acne and have been using Brevoxyl for maybe 1 and a half months. I’m not there yet, but I’ve seen massive improvements. It’s also nice to see direct results from a treatment.

I’ve been struggling with acne since my teens and I’ve tried every silly guide on the Internet; this is so far the closest to the truth I’ve come and hopefully somebody else can skip the useless treatments I’ve used over the years and live a better life almost immediately.

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