The Webdesigner (movie idea)

Last night I had an awesome idea about a parody movie called something like “The Webdesigner”. Unfortunately I can’t forsee me actually realising this idea so maybe someone else can turn this into a cool movie/trailer/sketch?

Oh and I’d love a notification if anyone gets insipired by this post and produces something (funny hopefully).

A: Oh dear God, the circle won’t start spinning
B: Prefix it, prefix it!

Doctor drama
A: I’m sorry to say this, but your son is using IE7
B: Oh no…

Dramatic assembly
A: CamelCase is the best solution as we’re using it on the backend
B: But hyphentation is cooler and jQuery uses it
A: Obviously the only way to settle this is in the bear pit
Crowd: Oohh.. nobody’s made it out of there alive
A: “Superlatives”.. refaktor 5000 lines of legacy code in 24 hours.. or defeat the bear

Crime scene
A: Oh God I don’t even want to look
B: It’s a mess all right, seems to be low-pay contractors
A: The selectors are all inconsistent.. The rule names are abbreviated and confusing.. My God they’re even using numerical IDs.
B: This website is dead alright. There’s no way anyone’s gonna bother refactoring this
A: Are you sure we can’t save it? Maybe a [freelancer]..
B: No, let’s move on to someone we can save.
A: Hey is that an ASCII signature?
B: Wait, I’ve seen this one before. It’s worse than I thought. We have to move quickly
A: What is it?
B: I’ll explain in the car

A: What do you think of this gradient?
B: It’s fine honey
A: I mean seriously
B: Well, it’s just that I don’t like the  color combination
A: Oh here we go again, Mr. One market guy thinks he’s all knowing
B: Hey, Gaming sites requires more creativity and talent than some lousy online art gallery
A: Oh, so that’s what you think about my job. You’re a massive quirk sometimes you know
B: Well you jQueried for it so I simply pushed my thoughts
A: You’re such a g33k
B: At least I’m not leetspeaking in my subtitles
A: Leetspeaking in my wh.. Hey!

A: To render the navigation perfectly we need to use tables
B: No! It’s bad practice
A: Settle down Officer, it’s the only chance we got
B: We can still make it with inner containers and JavaScript
A: There is no time, it’s too risky
B: But CSS3 is just..
A: CSS3 is just a dream Officer, W3C will never complete the standard. Now if there are no further questions assemble the designers and estimate time of upload.
B: God save us all..

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