Thai Airways has competition, they’re called ‘Bangkok Airways’

Having mostly used Thai Airways for my Thailand-and-about travels I was sceptical at first about other airline companies for my cross-the-border day trip to Cambodia. Still my choice landed on Bangkok Airways for their reasonable 9000 baht price. I did not regret my choice.

Nice staff

Bangkok Airways was all-in-all the best part about the entire trip. About the only nice individuals I met on Phnom Pehn Airport was the staff of Bangkok Airways. Of course, my experience with them is extremely limited, but I feel they’re worth a post.

Music video

They made a funny lil’ music video as a prelude to the normally dull security instructions which I thought was a nice detail. Of course the dance and song was a bit akward but that’s to be expected from an airline company. It did set a playful and charmful tone which is refreshing compared to the stiff, polite tone set by Thai Airways.

Good food

The food was simple and great which is perfect for us “farangs” (foreigners). We got a chicken/noodle/vegetable mix on the way down and a chicken-curry with rice on the way back (a bit spicy for my taste, but then again what isn’t). Another nice detail is that one can customize the food if one has special needs like Koshier, vegeterian, diabetic, one can even request low-cal.

Good entertainment

Entertainment doesn’t have to come in 1000 different forms like the entertainment systems on Thai Airways (granted that’s for 10 hour long international flights to/from Skandinavia, but still..); Bangkok Airways shows episodes of Just For Laughs which not only generated a few chuckles but made the short 1-hour long flight seem almost instant. Sit down, music video, eat dinner, have a laugh, prepare for landing.

I encourage everyone to try Bangkok Airways; at least once.

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