The Duck(typing) movie – movie script idea

An continuation of my silly programming movie script ideas.

Briefing room:
A (commander dude): When I see a bird that walks like a duck and looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck!

*Warning alarms*

A: what’s going on?
B (man at screen): My God

*Dog looking like a duck killing everyone*

A: What the.. Why didn’t the compiler stop him?
B: I don’t know, he seems to be.. a duck, Sir
A: That’s impossible!

*Door slams open*

A: Argh! How could.. Oh no

Inception music
Code showing Dog implements Duck

A: What a brilliant disguise. Ok I have an idea, stall him with exceptions
B: I’ll try, catch Sir

*Fight scene*

A: Enough! I cast you, not into the fiery pits of Hell, but to Dog!

*Dog loses Duck disguise and gets swollen by compiler*

*B is injured and lying on the floor back against the wall*

A: B! You’re gonna be fine, just..
B: It’s all right. I’ve already accepted to be refactored. Kill those bugs for me would ya
A: Don’t you Alt+F4 on me!

A uses goto statement with B to hospital

B: Oh. Sweet
A: Yeah, hax.

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