Thoughts from a fresh dad

I met my newborn daughter today for the first time. She was born a few days ago while I was still in Skandinavia finishing off the last working week before coming here. She’s a really lovely baby who even looks like daddy.

Unfortunately I’m really clumsy with babies and really got no clue about how to pick them up, hold them, wash them, change their diaper, what to do if they’re crying etc. That is a hit to my independence, having to rely on her mom or even her moms friend, and it also makes me unable to express my affection for my daughter which is the toughest part to swallow.

Still I’m determined to learn how to do this despite being terrified of doing something wrong and not knowing anything about the subject.

After all, she is a little me and she’s damn not going to grow up with an incompetent father.

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