Ignorance is bliss – why it’s hard to stop drinking

If I hadn’t known the difference between being under the influence and sober, I wouldn’t care much for drinking – and I guess most of you readers wouldn’t too.

That’s the key idea. That’s why we have alcoholics, drug addicts, I may even include gaming addicts and people obsessed with working out (all though they’re slightly different from the first mentioned groups of which will be my focus in this post).

You’re addicted to the other state of mind. You prefer to be less constrained by your common sense, judgement, social barriers, responsibility, the burden of life – you’re free. You feel better than normal.

That, my friends, is why it’s hard to stop drinking early. That’s why it’s hard to say “I’ll have 2 beers max” or “I’m gonna drink slowly”.

It don’t matter much if you’ve established these rules beforehand; as soon as you’re in the new state your judgement is already blighted.

Why are we not drunk 24/7 if it makes us feel better?

So with 99% of the votes we’ve concluded that state B (intoxicated) is better than state A (normal), so why do we want to stay in state A at all? It’s a valid question I think, despite at first thought it being impractical with the entire population on a bender on Monday morning.

What’s the real answer? The obvious “you can’t be drunk 24/7” doesn’t satisfy, I want a more depthful, imaginative answer.

If there exists a better state than the state we’re born and live in day out and day in; should we not strive to stay in that state more? Like, for at least 50% of the time, instead of a lousy, single day a week?

Perhaps we could chemically, genetically or environmentally alter humans to experience some of the good properties (it would be kind of dangerous without concentration when driving a car etc) from being under the influence in everyday life.

Imagine a world where you’re greeted by strangers, having toasts with random people at the local coffee shop, everybody is cheerful and smiling as you walk down the streets, strangers share ideas and are genuinely supportive, you’re not afraid of talking to (almost) anyone – definitely not that pretty girl you like.

Honestly, I don’t think you care about any of those things. Neither do I.
It’s about living a better life. A < B, fight it or embrace it? Am I alone in my understanding that everything in life is about living a good life? If you live for 90 years you’d want most of those to be good right?

Unfortunately for us we’re destined to live in a world where ignorance is truly bliss, especially because quite a lot of us don’t have it.

After thoughts

I may have touched some sensitive topics like altering genetics and embracing intoxication.

It was just a trail of thought, interpret it as you may.

All I ask is that you don’t let anything but your imagination restrict you.

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