Living with a meaning

Been a while since I’ve written a blog piece, or anything really. Feels pretty good.

In my case it made me think of my life from an outer point-of-view, it also made me think a bit deeper about what I want to do and where I want to go with my life. Pretty heavy stuff yeah.

I want my life to have meaning. Maybe I could help somebody. Maybe I could volunteer to help people addicted to video games or something. That topic has randomly come up a few times over the years (for example in the yet another school shooting tragedy in USA) and I’ll unashamedly say I’m fairly experienced at that area. I think I could help, or at least have a go at it. I’ve been there, it’s tough. Nobody wants to freely remain in the virtual world, something about the real world is bothering them. Could be thousand reasons really, nothing is just black or white.

It’s interesting to note that I’m having this need for meaning when I’m taking care of my a-few-months old baby. I feel like I want to do more, you know? Slaving at an office pressing buttons on a keyboard doesn’t give that satisfactory feeling of making a change, contributing to [somebody elses’s] life. Meaning.

Office job is OK, I need a job to support the family. But I don’t like to stand still, feels like wasting time. I like progress. If you don’t have progress, you’ll look back and think where did those years go? You have to occasionally take a step back and think “what am I doing here?”, “where am I going?”.

Right now my hands are full, I got plenty to do. Just going forward now, no turns or side roads.

We’ll see where life takes me.

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