Maverick (1994), decent feel-good Hollywood movie

Mel Gibson plays the clever, charming, good-hearted, pistol-skilled, poker professional Bret Maverick with Jodie Foster playing the hard-to-get, totally egoistic (but still irresistable for the main character), thieving, seemingly only woman on the set Annabelle Bransford. In true Hollywood style the story in Maverick has more twists and turns than.. those toys that are twisty which I can’t remember the name of..

Jokes aside, I have to admit I enjoyed the movie. Jodie Foster doesn’t look too bad here and I thought the humour was decent overall. Even the obvious twists had some entertainment value. I liked the humble, collected attitude of Bret Maverick, much more likeable and refreshing than the cocky, arrogant douchebags we so many times see in Hollywood movies.

A decent feel-good movie for a night in.

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