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How to use the “multiple” attribute with wp_dropdown_pages

Out-of-the-box the WordPress function wp_dropdown_pages() does not support the multiple attribute. Luckily it’s not that hard to do and even better: you don’t need to do too much hacking to achieve this. Select list with multiple selected items generated with … Read more

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My acne is gone, have I become a happier person?

The only thing you think about when you have acne is.. no prize for guessing this one: your acne. It’s always there and you start to believe it’ll never go away. You blame your skin for every problem in the … Read more

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The illusion of encryption

It’s interesting how LastPass shows the encrypted content for a second when updating it. It gives the illusion that they encrypt it. Let’s hope it’s not just an illusion 🙂 The interesting bit is that they don’t need to do … Read more

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