My acne is gone, have I become a happier person?

The only thing you think about when you have acne is.. no prize for guessing this one: your acne. It’s always there and you start to believe it’ll never go away. You blame your skin for every problem in the past, present and the future. You think to yourself: “if only my skin to clear. I would be the happiest person in the world.”

Now I’m nearly there. I still have to apply a cream several times a day to combat the acne, but I’m fairly clear. I would take this daily overhead every day of the week (and I do) over having my old spot-covered skin back. By all accounts I should be jumping of joy right now, instead of moaning and sighing about this and that.

But the real case is that I’m feeling just as down as any other at the moment. There’s always something, something to worry about and something to complain about. I don’t see myself as a typically whiny person, but my mood is affected by the happenings that surrounds me. That’s right, it’s called being human.

I guess my conclusion is that at least I’m not heavily miserable because of my acne, but I’m not particularly chuffed about it being gone either. Life moves on and it’s easy to forget the good of the past when you’re feeling under the weather.

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