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My acne is gone, have I become a happier person?

The only thing you think about when you have acne is.. no prize for guessing this one: your acne. It’s always there and you start to believe it’ll never go away. You blame your skin for every problem in the … Read more

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Follow-up on the acne treatment with Brevoxyl

About three months ago I wrote an article on the truth about acne. Since then I’ve been using the benozyl peroxide featuring cream Brevoxyl every single day. Before you ask this is not a paid-for productplacement ad or any of … Read more

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The truth about acne

Forget everything you’ve read about not eating certain food types (all though I’m unfortunately convinced alcohol does cause me to outbreak more, but at least following this routine I’ve been able to control it), showering after working out and hitting … Read more

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