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How to assign a ringtone to your iPhone 5 from the iTunes Store

Find the ringtone in the iTunes Store. Buy the ringtone. Important step! A dropdown menu will appear, press the option called “Set as default ringtone”. Note if you didn’t choose the “set as default ringtone” option, it appears the only … Read more

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Apple location services you think you need enabled but you don’t

So you don’t fancy the fact that Apple knows where you are at all times? Then you’ve probably browsed through the “Location Services” items in the Settings menu and you’ve also looked through the cunningly named “System Services” section. With … Read more

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Facebook on iPhone strips out emoticons leading to weird results

Appearently so. Haven’t done much testing but it’s a b*tch when half of your post is stripped with no warning and notification because you added an emoticon like a : ) or a : o (without the space). Sometimes the … Read more

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