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Replay search on GosuGamers doesn’t work properly? No problem

Sometimes programming skills become really handy. For example like just now when I tried searching for Warcraft 3 replays including a specific player on GosuGamers. The problem is that it revealed no matches, which is kinda weird because I already … Read more

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Old Warcraft 3 movie about my clan

Ah good times. A huge grin on my face as I watched the movie I created about my clan (then named XpreZ which was mostly renowned for their Norwegian counter-strike division) qualifying for a Warcraft 3 league called WCIP (1st … Read more

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Just realized has a SMS authenticator option. Added that badass pronto. We love 2-way authentications.

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QL at dreamhack 2011

So the dreamhack summer finals are today. Unfortunately im at the airport at the moment and will be flying (and waiting) for the entire day. Cypher and rapha are going at it, im confident cypher takes this – hes playing … Read more

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Enjoyable moments in TF2

Airblasting crit rockets and killing a bunch of people. Airblasting rockets in general is pretty neat. Killing the engineer in a sentry nest and destroying all the buildings. Killingstreaks. All of them. Tauntkills. Rushing to the second point before the … Read more

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The saxxy awards proved..

.. Team fortress 2 players are the worst filmmakers in the world. I tried contributing by voting at some movies; 99% of them sucked horse testicles. They made the system like a “battle” between two entries and you had to … Read more

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