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How to use the “multiple” attribute with wp_dropdown_pages

Out-of-the-box the WordPress function wp_dropdown_pages() does not support the multiple attribute. Luckily it’s not that hard to do and even better: you don’t need to do too much hacking to achieve this. Select list with multiple selected items generated with … Read more

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“Hijacking” WordPress plugins

How do you guys feel about “Hijacking” WordPress plugins if the original composers have completely abandoned the project? I guess it depends on the scenario, from most severe to least below: Stealing the project while its active and marketing it … Read more

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The main reason WordPress is awesome


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My take on a WordPress plugin: Redirection

Just stumbled upon the WordPress Redirection plugin at work and as usual I’m going to give a very brief and incomplete summary of my experience with it. The interface is lovely but I’m not here to chitchat so I’ll go … Read more

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