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Jazz in market village

Saw a jazz band play Ellingtons “it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing” in market village in huahin yesterday. Pretty schweet. Update: turns out the band is called Hua Hin Ensamble. Just got the nerve to … Read more

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Harry James and his Orchestra feat. Frank Sinatra

Got it in the mail today, ordered from Amazon. A good ol’ piece of music from the early days of Frank’s career. In a way it’s very much reminicent of the classic recordings of Frank Sinatra with Tommy Dorsey: the … Read more

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Frank Sinatra With Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra

Another album discovered using Spotify. And again some research was needed to find the actual album as every album on Spotify seems to be either impossible to look up or  nonexistant. Anyway. Immideately as I started listening to it I knew this … Read more

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