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My 5-hour long stay in Cambodia

I just arrived in Cambodia. The only reason I’m here is to stay in Thailand. Confused? Read on. Tourists can only stay in Thailand for one month without a Visa. The only way to extend the stay is to cross … Read more

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Open-source driven by egoism? Reflections after reading Linus Torvald interview

Linux creator Linus Torvalds claims the open-source boom is highly driven by egoism and the desire to “put your own trademark” into things (code). Unfortunately I can’t find the article with the Torvalds interview at the moment. I’ve been thinking … Read more

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Quarterfinals done

My first time watching snooker in live and I must say it was pretty sweet, despite the fact that every frame seemed to last an eternity. You might think I’m overreacting but seriously, two best of sevens lasted from 1pm … Read more

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How to get new blood into snooker?

Everyone agrees that the game needs new blood – new snooker players that can carry the game forward. The question is: how do you get the youngsters to start playing and more importantly keep on playing? Barry Hearn has made … Read more

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John Higgins stumbles across the finishing line

John Higgins and Rory McLeod (finally) finished their match this afternoon, John winning 13 frames to 7. It was a scrappy affair, John never really looked comfortable and they both missed quite a few pots. Both players rarely wanted to … Read more

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Latest from the Crucible

Surprisingly Stuart Bingham manages to steal the win in his match against Peter Ebdon. Playing well in the second session and sitting comfortably at a 8-6 lead I sure wouldn’t bet against Peter, but somehow Bingham won 4 on the … Read more

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Snooker World Championship 2011

So, the world championship of Snooker is coming up this weekend. Guess I won’t be going out this weekend then. Nor the next week. Ok, more like won’t be leaving the house for 17 days. Wonder who’ll win. Seems I’m … Read more

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