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Snooker World Championship 2012: First round analysis and predictions

Here’s my analysis for the first round matches of the Snooker World Championship 2012. The analysis is partly made from a betting perspective therefore I’ve chosen not to include a winner prediction where I’m in doubt. Good luck and punters don’t blame … Read more

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Political voting

Personally I dislike politics and that is a topic I’m not gonna (deeply) elaborate on here. Still I’m going to vote. The principle of avoiding politics and its dirty business falls short to having a silly, racist party full of … Read more

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How to get new blood into snooker?

Everyone agrees that the game needs new blood – new snooker players that can carry the game forward. The question is: how do you get the youngsters to start playing and more importantly keep on playing? Barry Hearn has made … Read more

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Left Hand Path best Swedish death metal album?

Right now i feel so. The fat guitar sound is unbeatable! And the groove man.. The groove. Another one who comes to mind is At the Gates with The Red In the Sky Is Ours. Thats some mindbogglig ish, if … Read more

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Inspirational moment 1

In a bar the other day there was a guy playing pool with one hand – the other arm was a stump. Inspirational.

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