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Do Not Track (DNT) scares the advertisement industry, and with good reason ..

They think they can’t live without it. Here’s my proposal on how to deal with it. Qualitative data > quantitative data Quantitative data, tracking statistics, is error prone. It can be misleading and it’s almost impossible to interpret the data. … Read more

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Ignorance is bliss – why it’s hard to stop drinking

If I hadn’t known the difference between being under the influence and sober, I wouldn’t care much for drinking – and I guess most of you readers wouldn’t too. That’s the key idea. That’s why we have alcoholics, drug addicts, … Read more

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The Duck(typing) movie – movie script idea

An continuation of my silly programming movie script ideas. Briefing room: A (commander dude): When I see a bird that walks like a duck and looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck! … Read more

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Compiling Mustache.java jar on Windows

I’m a Java rookie. I did a basic Java course in college back in the day (even got an A!) but I’m totally clueless now. I finally figured out how to compile Mustacha.java into a working jar (running jar out-of-the-box … Read more

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How to get new blood into snooker?

Everyone agrees that the game needs new blood – new snooker players that can carry the game forward. The question is: how do you get the youngsters to start playing and more importantly keep on playing? Barry Hearn has made … Read more

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The saxxy awards proved..

.. Team fortress 2 players are the worst filmmakers in the world. I tried contributing by voting at some movies; 99% of them sucked horse testicles. They made the system like a “battle” between two entries and you had to … Read more

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