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Open-source driven by egoism? Reflections after reading Linus Torvald interview

Linux creator Linus Torvalds claims the open-source boom is highly driven by egoism and the desire to “put your own trademark” into things (code). Unfortunately I can’t find the article with the Torvalds interview at the moment. I’ve been thinking … Read more

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QL at dreamhack 2011

So the dreamhack summer finals are today. Unfortunately im at the airport at the moment and will be flying (and waiting) for the entire day. Cypher and rapha are going at it, im confident cypher takes this – hes playing … Read more

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Inspirational moment 1

In a bar the other day there was a guy playing pool with one hand – the other arm was a stump. Inspirational.

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Ding through to the semis

I’m delighted! Ding potted a sensational halflong pressure pink and black in the last frame to seal the deal with a 13-10 scoreline against Mark Selby. What a great day of snooker this was. Two giants of the game playing … Read more

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Sixth day in Sheffield is over

Well, appearently Mark Allen did an amazing comeback yesterday coming back from 6-9 behind to win against Matthew Stephens. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see that match, but it was probably for the best seeing as I lost the large … Read more

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