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How to change all the existing NetBeans file associations to point to a new NetBeans installation in Windows

Read on if you have one of these problems: My netbeans.exe associations are broken. When I try to change the association to different NetBeans binaries it still won’t work. I have two NetBeans installations and want to change the associations … Read more

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Super-simple way in Java with Netbeans to build all dependant libraries and subprojects with distribution

I think I finally figured out a simple and elegant way to build dependant libraries directly with the distribution and kiss that NoClassDefFound error goodbye. I also have a similar solution for Java Web Application projects. What you need is: … Read more

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Snooker World Championship 2012: First round analysis and predictions

Here’s my analysis for the first round matches of the Snooker World Championship 2012. The analysis is partly made from a betting perspective therefore I’ve chosen not to include a winner prediction where I’m in doubt. Good luck and punters don’t blame … Read more

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Amazing comeback by Ding

Ding goes through to the quarter finals in an amazing fashion beating Stuart Bingham in the decider. Ding was 9-12 down at one point in the match but somehow he managed to climb his way up to 12-12, thoroughly assisted … Read more

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Snooker World Championship 2011

So, the world championship of Snooker is coming up this weekend. Guess I won’t be going out this weekend then. Nor the next week. Ok, more like won’t be leaving the house for 17 days. Wonder who’ll win. Seems I’m … Read more

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