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The truth about acne

Forget everything you’ve read about not eating certain food types (all though I’m unfortunately convinced alcohol does cause me to outbreak more, but at least following this routine I’ve been able to control it), showering after working out and hitting … Read more

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Sharing of information, social media and privacy – before and now

As I can’t sleep I’ve decided to scribble down some thoughts regarding sharing of information, social media and privacy. It’s interesting how in my younger days I was obsessed, well maybe not intentionally, about sharing information about me and getting … Read more

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QL at dreamhack 2011

So the dreamhack summer finals are today. Unfortunately im at the airport at the moment and will be flying (and waiting) for the entire day. Cypher and rapha are going at it, im confident cypher takes this – hes playing … Read more

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The saxxy awards proved..

.. Team fortress 2 players are the worst filmmakers in the world. I tried contributing by voting at some movies; 99% of them sucked horse testicles. They made the system like a “battle” between two entries and you had to … Read more

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Ding through to the semis

I’m delighted! Ding potted a sensational halflong pressure pink and black in the last frame to seal the deal with a 13-10 scoreline against Mark Selby. What a great day of snooker this was. Two giants of the game playing … Read more

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