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Things that have never been said on the Internet

- I never have anything to complain about. – That girl really could use some more clothes. – YouTube comments always give good insight on the movie in subject and other related and unrelated topics. – When I disagree with … Read more

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Old Warcraft 3 movie about my clan

Ah good times. A huge grin on my face as I watched the movie I created about my clan (then named XpreZ which was mostly renowned for their Norwegian counter-strike division) qualifying for a Warcraft 3 league called WCIP (1st … Read more

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Enable fullscreen mode when generating YouTube movie with swfobject

I recently dived into the YouTube javascript API as we (the company I work for) wanted to track behaviour on the video (note that the YouTube javascript API is not great for this task, but that is another matter). However, … Read more

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