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Old Warcraft 3 movie about my clan

Ah good times. A huge grin on my face as I watched the movie I created about my clan (then named XpreZ which was mostly renowned for their Norwegian counter-strike division) qualifying for a Warcraft 3 league called WCIP (1st … Read more

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CoreFTP Command Line commands

Snapshot from their official documentation at 25th of July 2012. Please read the official documentation supplied with the binaries downloadable from the CoreFTP website for the most accurate information. CoreFTP has a summary of command line options in their Docs … Read more

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I really shouldn’t live alone.

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The main reason WordPress is awesome


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Facebook on iPhone strips out emoticons leading to weird results

Appearently so. Haven’t done much testing but it’s a b*tch when half of your post is stripped with no warning and notification because you added an emoticon like a : ) or a : o (without the space). Sometimes the … Read more

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My take on a WordPress plugin: Redirection

Just stumbled upon the WordPress Redirection plugin at work and as usual I’m going to give a very brief and incomplete summary of my experience with it. The interface is lovely but I’m not here to chitchat so I’ll go … Read more

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Søppel/kildesortering eureka

Jeg har visst akkurat funnet ut av hvordan kildesortering fungerer.. eller “hoveddelen” av det i hvertfall, tror jeg. Grønn pose: matavfall Blå pose: plastemballasje (men ikke grisete plast av en eller annen grunn) Vanlige pose: restavfall Så kan du bruke … Read more

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Adobe Dreamweaver CS6, not yet good enough

I hate with a passion the bad markup Adobe has contributed with by making [some high number] of users create websites using Dreamweaver (yes people are using in company settings, even on corporate sites). I decided to try Adobe Dreamweaver … Read more

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Some of my custom RSS feeds (scraped)

I realize this is not the most clever thing to do, but here I’m posting some of the RSS feeds I’ve created using various scraping/fetching techniques. Sometimes it’s annoying when interesting news sources does not have a RSS feed, especially … Read more

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