An emotionless state (bedtime notes)

Another day, another night. I don’t feel anything. I feel numb. Not happy nor sad. I feel like I’m moving, changing places, but at the same time standing still. I feel empty. Like nothingness. My heart tries to reason I … Read more

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How to use the “multiple” attribute with wp_dropdown_pages

Out-of-the-box the WordPress function wp_dropdown_pages() does not support the multiple attribute. Luckily it’s not that hard to do and even better: you don’t need to do too much hacking to achieve this. Select list with multiple selected items generated with … Read more

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My acne is gone, have I become a happier person?

The only thing you think about when you have acne is.. no prize for guessing this one: your acne. It’s always there and you start to believe it’ll never go away. You blame your skin for every problem in the … Read more

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The illusion of encryption

It’s interesting how LastPass shows the encrypted content for a second when updating it. It gives the illusion that they encrypt it. Let’s hope it’s not just an illusion 🙂 The interesting bit is that they don’t need to do … Read more

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“Hijacking” WordPress plugins

How do you guys feel about “Hijacking” WordPress plugins if the original composers have completely abandoned the project? I guess it depends on the scenario, from most severe to least below: Stealing the project while its active and marketing it … Read more

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PHP lesson learnt.. always use the DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR constant

Always use the DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR constant when pointing to files/directories on the server-side. It will make your system more portable. Windows boxes uses backslash as a directory separator while for example Unix uses forward slash. Not using the DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR constant may … Read more

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Maverick (1994), decent feel-good Hollywood movie

Mel Gibson plays the clever, charming, good-hearted, pistol-skilled, poker professional Bret Maverick with Jodie Foster playing the hard-to-get, totally egoistic (but still irresistable for the main character), thieving, seemingly only woman on the set Annabelle Bransford. In true Hollywood style … Read more

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Living with a meaning

Been a while since I’ve written a blog piece, or anything really. Feels pretty good. In my case it made me think of my life from an outer point-of-view, it also made me think a bit deeper about what I … Read more

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Need help identifying Teddy Wilson track (Rose Room) [RESOLVED]

Help! I’m going crazy here. I can’t figure out the personell behind a certain version of the track “Rose Room” featuring Teddy Wilson. The version in question is not the common version played by Wilson’s Sextet or with Goodman. It’s … Read more

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Startpage supposedly the most private search engine.. uses Google AdWords?

Just feels a bit contradictive to me as we know advertisements basically live off tracking. In the picture below we can clearly see tracking parameters on the adwords links. Not to mention Google is mainly an advertisement company, we can … Read more

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