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Follow-up on the acne treatment with Brevoxyl

About three months ago I wrote an article on the truth about acne. Since then I’ve been using the benozyl peroxide featuring cream Brevoxyl every single day. Before you ask this is not a paid-for productplacement ad or any of … Read more

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Ignorance is bliss – why it’s hard to stop drinking

If I hadn’t known the difference between being under the influence and sober, I wouldn’t care much for drinking – and I guess most of you readers wouldn’t too. That’s the key idea. That’s why we have alcoholics, drug addicts, … Read more

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The truth about acne

Forget everything you’ve read about not eating certain food types (all though I’m unfortunately convinced alcohol does cause me to outbreak more, but at least following this routine I’ve been able to control it), showering after working out and hitting … Read more

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My unsent letter to my biological parents I’ve not met since I was just a baby

I’ve not met my biological parents since I was less than a year old (I don’t remember much from that time). I don’t know anything about them or why they chose to leave me and my brother up for adoption. … Read more

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I’m scared to death of flying…

Well ok, not really, but now as we just took off from Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok I felt genuine fear. It’s funny because I’ve flown over 50 times in my life and have probably flown every year of the majority … Read more

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Nature philosophy

We are surrounded by death everywhere we go. Bugs eating other bugs, birds eating insects, cars and people stomping insects and even animals. Life is taken all the time. A constant struggle for survival. You’d be happy to survive the … Read more

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What is it about metal..

.. That gives me so much more self-confidence and self-belief? I forget worries, a sense of acceptance seems to engulf me. Things don’t seem so bad afterall. How come it’s so easy to become depressed in life, but to get … Read more

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