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Facepalm-worthy lyrics of today’s pop songs

Am I the only one who finds it hilarious that many of these new pop songs are about convincing girls to have sex (one-night stands I presume) with them because “live while we’re young” and “there might not be tomorrow”? … Read more

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Thoughts from a fresh dad

I met my newborn daughter today for the first time. She was born a few days ago while I was still in Skandinavia finishing off the last working week before coming here. She’s a really lovely baby who even looks … Read more

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My 5-hour long stay in Cambodia

I just arrived in Cambodia. The only reason I’m here is to stay in Thailand. Confused? Read on. Tourists can only stay in Thailand for one month without a Visa. The only way to extend the stay is to cross … Read more

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Things that have never been said on the Internet

– I never have anything to complain about. – That girl really could use some more clothes. – YouTube comments always give good insight on the movie in subject and other related and unrelated topics. – When I disagree with … Read more

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Sharing of information, social media and privacy – before and now

As I can’t sleep I’ve decided to scribble down some thoughts regarding sharing of information, social media and privacy. It’s interesting how in my younger days I was obsessed, well maybe not intentionally, about sharing information about me and getting … Read more

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Day at Siam shopping center

Just arrived at Siam shopping centre(s). Place is packed, even the sky train is packed. It’s a Friday at midday, doesn’t these people have jobs/school? Maybe it’s some kind of holiday today. Went to grab a bite in the “Gourmet … Read more

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Ken Doherty and bow-ties

Ken Doherty is really something. Last week in Thailand he was complaining China should have been docked a frame because Liang Wenbo forgot to wear his bow-tie, of course he came across as a whiny, grumpy old man. Today he … Read more

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Quarterfinals done

My first time watching snooker in live and I must say it was pretty sweet, despite the fact that every frame seemed to last an eternity. You might think I’m overreacting but seriously, two best of sevens lasted from 1pm … Read more

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Harry James and his Orchestra feat. Frank Sinatra

Got it in the mail today, ordered from Amazon. A good ol’ piece of music from the early days of Frank’s career. In a way it’s very much reminicent of the classic recordings of Frank Sinatra with Tommy Dorsey: the … Read more

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John Higgins stumbles across the finishing line

John Higgins and Rory McLeod (finally) finished their match this afternoon, John winning 13 frames to 7. It was a scrappy affair, John never really looked comfortable and they both missed quite a few pots. Both players rarely wanted to … Read more

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